Surrogacy provides a chance for parents to have a baby which would’ve otherwise been impossible. There are a variety of reasons why some couples pursue the assistance of a surrogate mother.

Some of these reasons are:


Some women with advanced age, i.e. 45 and above, may feel they are not physically capable of carrying a baby for nine months and experiencing the bodily changes that occur with pregnancy.

Same-Sex Couples

Gay couples may use the services of a surrogate mother as well as donated eggs to start a family. This practice is gaining widespread acceptance from both the public and medical community.

Lack of a Womb

The female in the couple may not have a womb. This usually results from a rare genetic disorder which affects up to 12,000 women per year. It may also be that the woman has had a hysterectomy. This medical procedure is necessary for the presence of certain types of cancer.

Surrogate Parenting Services

Personal Decision

Some women pursue surrogacy as a social choice, not a medical one. Everyone has the right to start a family, be it through giving birth to their own child or using a surrogate.

Structural Problems with the Uterus

A uterine defect or inherent condition may make it hard for a woman to conceive a baby or to carry to term. The malformation of the uterus may likely have little influence on conception but may make it impossible for the woman to carry her child for nine months.

Other Medical Concerns

Certain medical conditions may not directly influence a woman’s ability to conceive and bear a child but can affect her ability to keep a healthy baby to term. At the same time, she might be experiencing health concerns such as kidney disease, severe diabetes, and heart diseases. All these conditions can make pregnancy a life-threatening situation for the expectant mother and unborn child. In addition, the female may have to take certain medications to treat a health problem which may harm the unborn child.

There are many other reasons why couples may choose to have a baby through a surrogate’s assistance, but these seem to be some of the most common reasons. Surrogacy is by far the best option for the situations mentioned above.

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