Scheduling your first infertility appointment is a difficult task. It requires a lot of inner strength and determination to accept that something within you isn’t working as it should and that you’d be willing to discover what it is so that the matter can be resolved.

Chances are you’re experiencing an entire rainbow of emotions. You’re wondering whether it is you with “the problem” or your partner. There is also a bit of anxiety brewing because your body and relationship are about to be evaluated and verified by a medical professional, who is essentially a stranger.

The key to overcoming much of this fear and anxiety is knowledge. When you know what to expect at your fertility appointment, it can better prepare you and help you feel relaxed.


You can expect the following at your first fertility appointment:

Review of your Medical Information

The doctor will inquire about your medical history, including your family’s medical history. They are listening for indications that point to a genetic or medical predisposition for infertility. There will be an inquiry into your lifestyle habits, present and past drug use, sexual history (prior abortions, pregnancies, and STDs) and current and past medications.

Review of your fertility Journey

The doctor will want to know about your periods, whether they are regular or irregular? He or she will also ask whether your periods are light, heavy, unusually short, long or painful. The doctor will also ask how long you have been trying to get pregnant and whether you’ve been timing your intercourse correctly. The date and duration of your menstrual cycle will also be asked.

Be given a thorough physical

A complete physical gives a general portrait about your body. You may have a medical condition or latent infection which you were unaware of. This may be discovered during the physical.

Undergo a series of tests

Tests help doctors to fit together three distinct parts of the puzzle with regards to infertility:

Ovaries – Are they functioning correctly? Do you have sufficient egg stores? Are they maturing normally?

Fallopian Tubes – Tests can help to reveal whether the fallopian tubes are blocked? If they aren’t blocked, why aren’t they functioning as they should?

Sperm – Tests help to determine whether your spouse has a healthy sperm count and whether movement and shape of the sperms are healthy.

Your appointment at a fertility clinic is the first step towards finding a suitable solution. Contact Rite Options today to discuss the options available to you. We can help make your parenting dreams come true.


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