Surrogacy is a multifaceted network of ethical, legal and practical decisions. It is a life-changing journey that results in the formation of a family. What makes surrogacy different from conventional family planning is that it organizes extra steps to guard everyone who agrees in the arrangement. In surrogacy, each person plays a vital role; a role that is integral to the success of the process.

Nevertheless, many families still pursue independent surrogacy. In this process, the surrogacy is handled privately, between the intended parents and the surrogate mom. No agency is involved in helping in the process. While there may be advantages to pursuing this route, there is the drawback to independent surrogacy for both the surrogate and the intended parents.

Surrogate mother

Drawbacks for the Surrogate Mother

As a surrogate mother, you should have certain protections in place. These protections must be clearly spelled out in a legal surrogacy contract. Areas that must be addressed include reimbursement for any expenses related to the pregnancy, insurance coverage, compensations and other specifics of surrogacy. In an independent surrogacy situation, these topics might not be addressed.

In addition, there may be a lack of guidance and knowledgeable support during the surrogacy process. As a surrogate, you may choose to offer your services through an Internet advertisement. This will leave you highly vulnerable to exploitation.

Drawbacks for Intended Parents

As hopeful parents, you are emotionally vulnerable to unscrupulous attorneys, surrogates who change their mind at the last minute and dealing with unenforceable contracts. With independent surrogacy, there is no expert screening or guidance involved. This means, finding a suitable match will be very difficult. The surrogate’s health status will also be unknown to you. You can lose a lot of money and time in the process.

How can Surrogates and Intended Parents escape the many pitfalls of independent surrogacy?

A surrogacy agency is a safety net for both parties. Surrogacy agencies are not just focused on helping intended parents start a family but they work to help build lasting relationships between the intended parents and the surrogate. After all, both will act as support systems for the other.

A surrogacy agency provides crucial and pertinent information regarding all areas of the surrogacy, ranging from psychological to medical testing, including counseling and matching the intended parents to an appropriate surrogate. The legal obligations and necessary background checks are also performed.
The entire surrogacy process results in a living and breathing being. Many important decisions need to be made for him or her to come into existence.

A surrogacy agency provides knowledge and experience base that supports both parties. Only a system with support can ensure this end result is achieved.
For more information about the surrogacy process, contact Rite Options.


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