Surrogacy Pregnancy Tips: 5 Questions You Must Ask Surrogate

Gestational surrogacy is very rampant in western countries where couples failing to get pregnant opt for the latest reproductive technology. While couples may not be able to have a child of their own due to inability to conceive, repeated miscarriages, cancer, or another reason, Gestational Surrogacy Services is the surest method to realize the dream of getting pregnant. Once parents weigh their options to get surrogacy done, it is important to ask certain questions to the surrogate probabilities.

There are millions of things that intending parents must consider before going ahead with gestational surrogacy. In this article, we bring you top 5 questions you must ask the surrogate to avoid complications later during the pregnancy.

Q1 Are you sexually active?
This is a very important question for a surrogate mother as it highlights the risks the woman might be exposed to in case the intending parents choose to go ahead with the option. Active sexual activity means that the woman could be at a high risk of getting pregnant before the IVF occurs. A candidate could be sexually active at the time of interview. However, in order to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, it is best to bind the surrogate mother under no-sex clause in the surrogacy agreement.

Q2 Do you have your own kids?
Women who have experience in pregnancy are best surrogates as it demonstrates the mental and physical preparedness of the surrogate. Ideally, a surrogate with at least one successful normal pregnancy is the best candidate for your plans. Another reason every couple should ask about surrogate’s kids is to ensure that the candidate’s family life is not disturbed due to new developments.


Q3 Are you financially stable?
The surrogates and egg donors get paid very well, thanks to the ever-rising demand for new mothers who can help expand families. Some surrogates get paid in thousands of dollars, especially if the parents are a celebrity or well-known across the world. In order to ensure that the surrogate is not interested in financial aspects of the new parents and maintains distance from the baby and the family after delivering, it is important to investigate into the financial stability.

If the surrogate is interested in the surrogacy only for the money involved, it is best for the couple to look for another option.

Q4 Have you done a pap smear in recent months?
With the growing risk of breast and uterine cancer in the recent years, surrogates too should be well aware of their physiological conditions. Before finalizing the surrogate, ask for the most recent Pap smear test results. In case the surrogate hasn’t done a smear test done, do it now. Also include Liver Function Test, Hormone tests, vaccination and other tests done on time.

Q5 Do you smoke or drink?
Alcohol addiction and smoking can rip apart the pregnancy of any woman. If the surrogate mother has a history of heart diseases and diabetes in the family, the new parents should probably overlook such candidates. Smoking habits and drinking too much should be the red flags against going ahead with surrogacy.


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